Forest Resources Management Consultants inc. (FRMC inc.) provides a full range of services in Forest Ecosystem Management. Further, FRMC inc. offers specialized services to native communities and forest-based industries.

Our associates are highly qualified as Registered Professional Foresters, forest technicians, biologists, mensurationists, statisticians, training specialists, forest economists, environmental specialists, and information specialists. They are willing to share their expertise and work with your organization to achieve the goals and objectives set out in your mandate.

FRMC inc. is proud of the training it has provided to native communities and coordinates an annual Provincial Scaling Licence Course for Natives. FRMC inc. also conducts needs analysis for Native owned corporations and assists in the development of business plans.

Our training division can provide services that include development, delivery, evaluation and documentation of the successful completion of training courses by your employees. In general, we offer training leading to certification in the Occupational Health and Safety field, and specific industry-related certificates in partnership with the Ontario Forestry Safe Workplace Association (OFSWA).

FRMC inc. takes prides in its ability to consistently provide quality products and services to our clients. Our project teams will partner with your organization to meet your needs in a sensible and practical manner.